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World Anvil Expansion! Follow this link to World Anvil to learn more about the world of NOVA SUNO, Nova Tero

In NOVA SUNO, you are a team of SOLARPUNK SCAVENGERS. The Flash War devastated the world with nuclear and mutagenic weapons. Your enclave has embraced a greener future, but still needs things from the old world to succeed. This is where you and your team come in. Your skills, combined with the mobility of your sweet ride lets you venture out into the hazardous wastes and ruins to salvage what you can to help build a brighter future.

The Old World ended in a bang, flash, and mutagenic scream, but the survivors of your enclave and others have rallied against the Returner Cults and Vestiges, who want to make the world what it was again. You've staked your life against mutagenic monsters, the environment, and the tech beasts that roam the lost cities. You're struggling against the odds to create a green SOLARPUNK future.

Play as one of the surviving humans or as a anthro, one of the many mutant animals who now claim earth as their home. Gameplay is lightweight and fast. The core of the game is a single double sided sheet of paper, but there will be supplemental material included soon. 

NOVA SUNO is my first game made using both the 24XX system and Affinity Publisher. 


NOVA SUNO uses 24XX ver. 1.31 by Jason Tocci, under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence (CC BY 4.0)


NOVA SUNO and GBDW Games are © Graeme Barber, 2021


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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Are there going to be any new community copies?


Yes! I'm doing a community copy event and bundled sale event next weekend. 

YAY! That's cool! Drop a tweet link and I'll share it around!

NOVA SUNO fucks.
Great use of the 24XX framework with for a really tight evocative piece.
Def keeping this in my back pocket for pick up games~

Seems like a cool game! I look forward to getting it! You could submit this game to the Applied Hope jam too!

Thanks, and will do! I should have the last bits of the main game cleaned up tonight!